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Summary of materials

  1. Whizzlab Questions Bank
  2. Tutorial Dojo Study Guide
  3. Tutorial Dojo Questions Bank
  4. Unlimited AWS Blog posts + Whitepaper
  5. An AWS Root account

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Glitch 位於神保町 單品咖啡都係自己烘,淺炒。神保町係一個有好多出版社既地方,除咗賣新書既地方之外 …


If you have difficulties to read books and theories, you may check this blog and see if it could help you.

I don’t love reading theories, theories on books is just like a combination of some English…


This is a huge question to me because I use EC2 instance for some computational job, and I won’t get back to the instance from time to time to know *when* did…

Recently, s3 rolled out latest security feature which allow user to control public access settings of bucket.

Basically, there are just 4 toggle rules, not much, but that’s enough.

We can categorize these 4 little toggles into 2 parts.

  1. ACLs oriented
  2. Bucket Policies oriented

For details difference on ACLs &…

#elsaticsearch #docker #elastic #logstash


The general overview of the parsing approach

we are going to parse docker logs to elasticsearch to perform a simple website monitoring.

So nowadays many people use docker to host their site, and I think most of them won’t take a look into their log because it’s difficult to tell what logs could…

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